The Coolsmartphone Podcast – Episode 79

The Coolsmartphone Podcast   Episode 79

This week we’ve got another special guest. Me!

We had a minor technical problem so the podcast got delayed by a day, apologies for that. This week we’ve got some podcast-only material too, download it, stream it and do let us know your comments.

This week…

– Ronnie tells us more about the Lenovo Yoga and his thoughts

– Dan wears a Pebble. Is this finally the smartwatch you’re looking for?

– The Three 4G testing in London. What did it really show? Why did Dan have no signal in one area?

– The new Samsung Windows Phone. Yes, a Windows Phone made by someone who isn’t Nokia.

– Our coverage plans for Mobile World Congress – find out what’s coming!

– Sony ditches Vaio, what next?

– The red Nexus 5, EE and Three cost sharing and more besides..

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