Podcast. Update!

Morning all. Now, if you’re one of our fantastic podcast listeners, I have an apology to make. Unfortunately the latest podcast isn’t here just yet. The reason involves a pot of white spirits and some paint. My laptop, that poor Vaio I mentioned only yesterday, ended up with some mineral turpentine dripping out of it.

Sorry about the blurry image. I was swearing a lot. I’ve taken it to bits to dry it out.

Podcast. Update!

There was a fizz, then the screen went off, then.. well, no podcast my friend. We’ll have it ready for you tomorrow.

Meanwhile, to keep you going, here’s an utterly appalling Wonga advert featuring a man kissing his phone. Kiss it. KISS IT….


Gotta agree with Charlie Brooker on this one, who said, “You’ll need some money to cover the counselling you’ll need after this psychotic breakdown you’re clearly having”.