The Binatone Brick – now just £29.95 SIM Free

The Binatone Brick   now just £29.95 SIM Free

Coolsmartphone veterans will no doubt remember our review of The Brick. It’s a lightweight version of the large mobile phones we walked around with in the 80s. It’s SIM-free and was £50 when we included it in our festive gift guide.

How’s less than £30 sound instead?

If that drops into your present-buying budget then you can grab this brand new clunky-but-attention-grabbing mobe for just £29.95 at the mighty Argos. If nothing else, it could double as your next holiday phone to stop you using any data (you can’t browse the internet on this), or you could pretend to be a 1980’s Tom Cruise at the works Christmas do with some Aviator shades on perhaps. 🙂

Grab one from Argos here.