Vectone Mobile offers free roaming

Vectone Mobile offers free roaming
Last week we mentioned Vectone Mobile who were offering 1GB of data for just £1. If I’m honest we’d not really heard about this particular MVNO but they run on the EE network and they’ve got some additional news to tell us.

They have an app.

Not just any app. There’s an Android version, and iOS version and (wait for it)… a Windows P….C…version too ! It’ll let you make, receive calls and send text messages using your Vectone Mobile number over WiFi. If you’re abroad and find yourself hooked onto WiFi you can use your phone just as if you were at home, completely avoiding roaming charges. That’s a bit good.

There’s a number of examples from Vectone Mobile to show you how it can work for you, but if you’re abroad and near a WiFi hotspot it’s a complete no-brainer if you’re a customer or prospective customer.

Other benefits include the ability to use the app on other devices if your handset has a flat battery and to use it when there’s no signal. Get more details here.

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