How do you fix a charging problem if you can’t remove the battery?

How do you fix a charging problem if you cant remove the battery?
I’ve not had many phones without removable batteries. For those I’ve owned there’s not really been a problem, but after a while a trusty Sony Xperia T has been giving me some grief.

I used the Xperia T for shooting a lot of the videos and pictures in my news articles as I find the camera to be rather good, but just lately it’s been “fussy” about which USB chargers it would accept charge from. Some chargers push out a higher amperage than others, but when this Xperia T goes flat I sometimes have trouble resurrecting the thing.

When the phone goes so flat that it powers itself off and refuses to turn on, I sometimes find that even after a whole night on charge it’ll still fail to turn on and instead flashes a red LED at me. How rude. If it was a phone with a removable battery I’d just pop it out and perhaps hold down the power button to drain any remaining juice.

But with this, I can’t.

However, I’ve found a way of getting around this, and it involves some sticky tape. You pop it on over the power button, effectively holding it down, and charge it. Sure, you could sit there holding the button down yourself for hours, but that’d be a bit mad. So here’s a video solution to the problem. As a get-around, try not to let it get to a 0% battery level again, else you could find yourself buying a lot of tape… 😉