Get rugged, get a Cat case

Those of you who are lovely enough, smart enough, handsome enough and intelligent enough to read our site regularly will know about the Cat B15 smartphone. It’s a rough, tough and solid Android smartphone by the people who make those big yellow diggers.

Now, if you’re not ready to make the jump to the B15 you can at least get yourself some Cat-branded cases which will protect your iPhone 5s, iPhone 4, iPad Air and Samsung Galaxy S4. They’ll be available in the UK through outlets including Amazon, MobileFun and with prices starting at £19.99.

They’re made from something called “SAIF”, which is an “active material with unique shock and impact absorption properties”. So I guess you could say that SAIF keeps your phone safe, man. The material is soft and flexible when you look at it, but a hard impact will make it go stiff.


There’s a couple of different cases available. The “Active Urban”, which has some metallic styling and can cope with a drop from 1.8 metres, plus the “Active Utility” which is a little cheaper. Have a look on this Amazon page for more details.

Get rugged, get a Cat case