Just give me five minutes..

Just give me five minutes..
Hello. I’m going to borrow your eyes for a minute. Don’t worry, I’ll keep it brief, but today it’s Children in Need. If you’re not aware, this is the BBC’s big charity event and it supports disadvantaged children all across the UK. As an example, just up the road from where I’m sitting right now, there’s a place called Zoë’s Place. They care for children who have life limiting or life-threatening conditions. I’m talking palliative care for babies and infants. Parents who have already been through the unimaginable torture of being told that their child may only live a short time, come for respite and end of life care.

Just give me five minutes..

They can only care for a certain amount of children. They can only help a certain amount of families, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Children in Need support over 2,600 projects across the UK.

If you are able to donate £5, just pick up your phone and text DONATE to 70705. Your text will cost £5, plus your standard network message charge. The whole £5 goes to BBC Children in Need, nowhere else. Three, O2, EE, Virgin, and Vodafone have all waived their charges to enable this to happen.

If you’re able, you can text DONATE to 70710 to give £10, or if things are a bit tight, you can text GIVE to 70701 to donate £1 instead. You can donate online, by PayPal or add Gift Aid too.

You can get more info on bbc.co.uk/pudsey, Zoë’s Place (on Twitter or their website.

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