We don’t need the time machine. It’s all right here.

We dont need the time machine. Its all right here.

I’ve had a few ideas on how to approach this particular article but, to be honest, I’m just going to jump right in. A few nights ago I found some rather innovative USB keyboards. Here’s a shot of some of them and, if you’ve seen my articles about 1980’s mobile phones or 1960’s telephones, you’ll probably know what they are.. or were.

For between £99 and £129 you can get yourself a classic Spectrum 48k, Commodore 64 or ZX81 minus all the innards. Out the back is a USB cable and, if you plug it into your computer, you’ve got yourself a USB keyboard. Boom!

Now, combine the ZX Spectrum with a USB to microUSB converter (they’re only about £1), an Android tablet and a Spectrum emulator… imagine it kids. Imagine it. I’m sitting there with my ZX Spectrum, my little screen and my colour clash and then….

We dont need the time machine. Its all right here.

…then, I get a call on my 1980’s mobile phone from Lionel Richie.. “Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?”

Anyway. Something, something, keyboard, USB, get one from Tynewmouth Software. Oh, and as this is yet another serious throw-back article, here’s “that” scene from Back To The Future. I think it’s back-to-front to try and avoid some sort of YouTube copyright detection system or, quite possibly, someone messed up. Either way, I’m off to play Jet Set Willy. You kids don’t know you’re born. Grand Theft Auto? Pah, this is a proper game.