LG Fireweb announced to the (developing) world.

LG Fireweb announced to the (developing) world.

The LG Fireweb has been unveiled online but woahaaa, slow down there cowboy, because this isn’t an Android handset, it’s powered by Firefox OS 1.1.

Mozilla have only just released the new version of their OS (which we saw in version 1.0 back in February) and, according to the press announcement, it comes equipped with a 1GHz CPU, 3G, a 4″ HVGA TFT touch screen and 2 GB memory. It also has a 5 megapixel camera.

Telefónica will be launching this device through Vivo in Brazil for 309 Brazilian Reals, which works out at about £87. The Alcatel Onetouch Fire will also be available on Vivo.

If you’ve never heard of the Firefox OS and want to know more about it, have a look at our full hands-on from earlier this year.

So, if you’re after low-powered-but-lightweight-OS aimed at emerging markets, go find yourself a Brazilian.