HTC Wandering into The Amazon?

HTC Wandering into The Amazon?

It saddens me to see HTC struggling to post a profit these days, especially when they bring to the table handsets like the HTC One. It goes to show what a mammoth marketing budget like Apple & Samsung have can do for an organisations fortunes.

So, if HTC continue to spiral into the unknown place where Blackberry reside, what options do they have? If rumours are correct a partnership with Amazon may well breathe life back into HTC’s slightly deflated lungs! One that would no doubt give them a bigger marketing voice!

It’s not the first time Amazon have flirted with the smartphone idea, having considered buying Blackberry in 2011. Recent rumours have stated that the company has been testing their own handset, meanwhile HTC recently tied up with Facebook to bring the now extinct HTC First to an American market.

There is no doubt a potential tie in would benefit Amazon with the innovations & quality HTC are renowned for, and HTC can benefit from the mammoth audience that Amazon has a command of!

How this pans out will be interesting indeed! How will it work, will there be some sort of Amazon branding on a phone? Maybe pre-installed apps for their various services, who knows?

Nonetheless it might be a step in the right direction for a fledging company who in my eyes doesn’t deserve to be!

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