Just what do you do with all those precious memories?

Your phone camera, let’s face it, is pretty fantastic. It’ll let you take photos at any time and you never have to worry about going home to get your camera, because it’s always with you.

If you’re anything like me you’ll probably have already filled up your phone with pictures and videos of your friends, family and pets. I’ve got pictures of really random things too – pictures of the sunrise when I go cycling and photos from the football match last week. If I didn’t have a cameraphone with me these shots wouldn’t be possible.

The storage on your phone, especially with hi-res photos and HD video, won’t last forever. Soon you’ll be wanting to put these shots in that mythical “safe place”. You can try an online storage website or you can copy everything to a folder on your computer. Personally I’ve already filled my Dropbox account and my computer hard Is littered with folders called, “Phone pictures backup”.

So, how about investing just over £30 in a portable hard drive?

Just what do you do with all those precious memories?

Powered by your USB it’ll allow fast data transfer, just plug this and your phone into your computer and drag everything across. This 320GB version costs £32.99 and, after you’ve copied the files, you can put it in that safe place, which is usually the cupboard under the stairs in our house ;)

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  • Lee Smart

    The problem with archiving photos to an external USB hard drive is that over time, as you clear photos off your phone to make room for new ones, accessing the old stuff requires a laptop/desktop.

    My own solution is a NAS box (1Tb, mirrored disks) with external access from t’interweb and an app on the phone which auto-uploads to the NAS. I can then delete images from the phone to make room and still have access to all my old photos via my AYCE data connection.

    Granted, that costs quite a bit more than a 320Gb USB drive but it does loads more besides and gives me data resilience too.

    • Paul

      I did exactly the same thing, but a cheapo NAS (D-Link DNS-320) and putting in HDD that I extracted from two external USB drives I had. Added “fun_plug” and “Twonky” to it, and as I’m pretty savvy with UNIX/Linux I wrote some backup/sync scripts and added them to cron to automatically back them up to an external portable disk periodically when plugged in. It’s external accessible, WebDAV enabled and I can steam movies from it too.

      I think NAS is the way to go, backed up regularly to another source so all eggs not in one basket, and no dependence on 3rd party cloud solutions that want money each month.

      • Gears

        Paul, that sounds good fella. I’d be intrigued to learn more about it!

  • Mmmm… there are a few options. Expansys have network drives that work like a cloud with phones…. heck so does Argos.

    Google plus auto backs up images ans vids now marking them private if any one is intrested.

    Personally been in it thats underkill. So using m house server which has 2 TB raid for data ( and speed) I deliver files via drop box. Any thing I want to keep… every thing else goes. But that’s not enough so I back up each night to a 2 TB drive and off site each week…. as I have two I’d only loose a weeks data it the house became a crator….. oh and the whole lot is accessable by dlna and vpn

    Just a few ideas for the more adventurous….