Samsung announce gold Galaxy S4s

Samsung announce gold Galaxy S4s

Now you may be noticing a trend here. Hot on the heels of Apple’s gold iPhone 5S, Samsung have today announced their very own golden edition(s) of their flagship Galaxy S4. Samsung’s Facebook and Twitter accounts are proudly displaying photos of both Gold Pink and Gold Brown devices which will no doubt go down a storm with well-heeled Sheikhs and Sultans.  

 The pictures seem to indicate that Samsung have gone for a quite saturated gold, rather than the (more tasteful) champagne that Apple chose. And (of course!) they’re still made out of plastic, rather than the anodized aluminium of the 5S. But hey, they’re shiny/tacky.

There really isn’t much else to say. Let’s hope that the next thing Samsung chooses to copy is the build quality of the 5C.

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  • Martin

    Oh dear, as much as I am a fan of Android phones this is just plain terrible mimickry from Samsung, shame I say, shame.

    • Gears

      Does anyone really want a pink or gold phone?

      • Martin

        Yes they do, I have (to the shame of all my family) just ordered a gold iPhone 5s, in my defence it is for the wife and she was most insistent that it HAD to be gold. And as for pink, have you seen how many girls and women have pink cases for their phones?

      • Paul

        I gave my old iPhone 4 to my wife after I fitted replacement front pink screen, home button and rear glass kit. She loves pink and as it’s not common she has something others don’t.