Oppo N1 unleashed with rotating camera.

Oppo N1 unleashed with rotating camera.

In an event that took place just minutes ago in Beijing Oppo have announced the release of the Oppo N1. The handset features rear touch panel called “O-Touch” and a multi-touch OS which adds a splash of colour and time-saving tricks.

The makers of the much lauded Find 5 have unveiled their latest and greatest handset, with a 1080p display in a screen size of 5.9″ .

Also included is the worlds first rotating camera, a 13MP unit which turns 206 degrees thus enabling you to take pictures from all sorts of interesting angles and also comes with O-Click, a small remote to enable you to take photos wirelessly.  The processor is a 1.7GHz quad-core APQ8064 model and also featured is a rear touch panel.

Oppo N1 unleashed with rotating camera.

A massive 5.9″ screen and an immense 3160mAh battery are included. Add the usual Wi-Fi, bluetooth, NFC and, strangely, a tachograph. Storage is made up of 16GB or 32GB internal and the device will be available in either black or white.

It’s just been confirmed that, as expected, the N1 will ship with CyanogenMod. Cyanogen – aka Steve Kondik – is at the event.

UPDATE – The full product details are now online here.

Oppo have posted some details about the Cyanogenmod ROM.

OPPO is committed to serve the smartphone market with an open attitude. OPPO N1 ships with Color (based on Android 4.2), a unique Android operating system with over 400 unique features and improvements over stock Android. CyanogenMod is the world’s most popular aftermarket Android operating system. International versions of the N1 come with Color, and also the ability to flash CyanogenMod directly from stock recovery. A limited OPPO N1 CyanogenMod Edition will ship with CyanogenMod preinstalled, the first CyanogenMod hardware product in the world.

UPDATE – Full video and more pics below. We also have the full press release further down..

Oppo N1 unleashed with rotating camera.

Oppo N1 unleashed with rotating camera. Oppo N1 unleashed with rotating camera.

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  • Keni

    Like it, nice bit of innovation there… I particularly like the idea of it running CyanogenMod, any news on that?

  • Rhedgehogcomp

    First rotating camera? I’m calling bullshit on that. There were phones back in 2003/4 (the early ones on Three that were the size of a house) that had rotating cameras. NEC and Motorola if i remember correctly…

    • Rhedgehogcomp

      ah, ok. ubuntubhoy is right, it was the LG U8xxx series that three sold, but still…not the first!

      • ubuntubhoy

        NEC also did a candybar styled one as well but not sure which was first to market.

    • androidtv

      LOL, your right…I had an LG on Three which had a rotating camera. Can’t remember the model.

    • yeast

      Let’s just say.. first rotating camera on an ANDROID.

    • Daniel Cunningham

      Didn’t the Samsung V200 have a rotating camera?!

  • ubuntubhoy

    Yip, LG did a full range of 3G handsets with rotating cameras.

  • Fozzer

    Sod waiting for the Nexus 5 im gunning for one of these. .

  • James

    I think this article has confused most of you, suggesting it’s ‘the worlds first rotating camera’, which in fact should be rephrased to ‘World’s First Rotating Camera Smartphone’; something Oppo should take credit for.

  • Martin

    Nice, I like it, wouldn’t buy one though cos it is just too big for me.

  • Paul

    Looks very very nice, but I agree with Martin in that a 5.9 inch screen is far too big for me as a phone. I think my HTC One is a bit on the large side. I think the HTC One Mini is ideal for me, but it came out after I’d bought a SIM free One, never mind.

  • Simon Steele

    Whats the weather widget on there?

  • Ross

    This is so weird. I actually dreamt I had a phone with a rotating camera on it just like this a couple of nights ago. I woke up about half way through and thought to myself what a fantastic idea. Although mine was motorised and seemed to defy gravity…