Agora – A quad-core smartphone for £158

Agora   A quad core smartphone for £158
Good old Kogan, eh. Everyone loves them don’t they eh?

No, me either. However, l £149 + delivery (which is a rather chunky £9) means that you get yourself a 5″ Agora. It’s got a quad-core 1.2GHz quad-core CPU, 1280×720 IPS screen, 8 megapixel rear camera and runs Android 4.2.2.

Up front there’s a 2 megapixel camera and inside you also get Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi, 4GB of internal memory, 2000mAh battery and a microSD card slot for more storage.

Now, Kogan actually import these things and they cut out all that tax and duty business. The Agora starts shipping on October 9th and for £158 it could be worth a gamble.

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  • Adam

    Is this a rebranded Chinese phone? looks very familiar.

  • Troy Dyall

    if only it was a 4.5″‘er. i bet the ppi is rubbish due to the fact theyve gone up to 5″

    • the_prof

      Well it’s not all that hard to work out – I make it ~294 PPI, which is pretty good isn’t it? I mean, it’s no HTC One (468), but it compares very well with a SGSII (219). Nice display for the money I’d say. For £158 it’d definitely be worth a punt.

      • Troy Dyall

        Im used to a higher ppi now and if it was perhaps 0.5″ smaller it would have been a much better ppi

        • the_prof

          Well, obviously the pixel density would increase by around 10%, but it’s not what I’d call considerable. It’s a very good screen for the money whichever way you look at it. If you’re used to higher PPI, it suggests you already have a more expensive phone of a higher specification, so your argument is moot, because why would you buy this anyway?

          The point is that for well under £200 you can now get a brand new phone which runs the latest version of Android, and will keep up with high specification phones of double the price or more.

          • Troy Dyall

            it seems you want to argue about this phone for some reason. all im saying is that they shouldnt have madeit a 5incher. and my ‘argument’ isnt moot as I like trying all phones….

          • scott
          • the_prof

            I wish more people understood this fact! That’s actually a really good article, despite how I currently feel about Apple devices.

            What people never seem to understand about Android devices is that they need more grunt than their Apple (and even Windows Phone counterparts) because of the way the OS works, the way the Apps work on top of them, and a huge number of other factors. A quad core processor is only useful if your OS (or applications for that matter) can make use of all the cores. Android can, and it needs to. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I do quite dislike the thought of wasted clock cycles.

          • the_prof

            Well, you obviously don’t like trying ‘all’ phones because you’ve immediately discounted this one for having a very slightly lower resolution, even though it’s a fraction of the price of the 1080p phones that you’re apparently hung-up on.

            My argument is that it’s a very respectable specification for the price. I had to pick up on your argument that the PPI is rubbish, because it actually is not anywhere near rubbish. I’m merely presenting facts, as opposed to speculation.

            I originally just pointed out that actually, you’re still getting much better PPI than an SGSII, and not that far off the likes of an iPhone, for something that is only £158. It seems that you’re arguing just for arguments sake.

          • Troy Dyall

            i didnt say i had ‘discounted’ it and a query about its screen resolution doesnt mean I dont like trying loads of phones. I said ‘i bet’ its ppi is rubbush. the galaxy s2 is at least two years old is it not?
            carry on………..

          • the_prof

            Yes, and I provided you and whomever else reading this some facts about the PPI of the screen – was that in any way a misplaced comment? The S2 is a couple of years old, sure, but the resolution and PPI of this device is vastly better, and almost as good as an S3, except a great deal cheaper than one of these, even second hand.

          • Troy Dyall

            Im not sure what youre referring to but I never said you misplaced a comment. the s2 screen is decent but its a 4.3″ and the s3 screen even better but both are smaller than the agora. what Im saying is if they made the screen smaller it would have been better.

  • weirdstuff

    1.1 cm, bit of a chunky-monkey. Still I suppose build quality is probably the most relevant question with phones like these…

  • Paul

    Good old Kogan, eh. Everyone loves them don’t they eh?
    No, me either.

    Not sure what you’re implying here. Are you saying they’re awful from past experience or that you’ve never heard of them?

    A bit confusing being as you seem to be implying the price is worth a risky gamble

  • Simon Hardy

    Or you can get the 8GB Nexus 4 for £159 + delivery. I know which I’d rather. ;)