BARGAIN ALERT: Bag a Nokia Lumia 920 for cheap as chips……

BARGAIN ALERT: Bag a Nokia Lumia 920 for cheap as chips......

We are always on the lookout for a bargain here at Coolsmartphone and here for your delectation is an absolute steal.

A Nokia Lumia 920 for only £220 with free shipping (and two quids worth of Clubcard points too) from Tesco Direct.

Yes, £220.  SIM free, unlocked and white in colour.

The 920 was lauded by our own James Pearce back in May and is still a very very good handset.

Have a look here for your opportunity to purchase a dirt cheap 920, what more is there to be said other than get on this one quick for they won’t last long……




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  • john naylor

    Just tried to order white, nil stock. Then tried black, nil stock. Anyone actually been successful?

  • weirdstuff

    It said ‘in stock’ when I looked this morning, now says ‘Sorry, this product is currently unavailable’…

    • john naylor

      Even when it said in stock they’re not in stock once you get to the order….

  • SteveC

    Back in stock now.. just ordered one..