Google makes Quickoffice free for all


Google makes Quickoffice free for all

In a move that we predicted last week, Google have made their Quickoffice suite off apps free for all users. Apple’s decision to provide iWork for free on new iOS devices has more than like tipped Google’s hand. Quickoffice was previously free for premium Google Apps users, but sold for $19.99 on iOS and Android.

Quickoffice also integrates with Google Drive, allowing quick, easy editing of Spreadsheets, and Documents. As an additional bonus, Google are also offering 10GB of free Google Drive storage for two years to anyone who signs in to the app on Android or iOS by 26 September.

Our very own Simon isn’t the biggest fan of Quickoffice, but it’s still hard to argue that this is anything other than a win for users. This is why we need competition in the mobile space.

Source: Google Drive Blog

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