Will a completely digital library really work?

Will a completely digital library really work?

A lot has been said about the digital library that has just opened up in Bexar County, San Antonio. There’s no real books and no encyclopedias. It’s more like an Apple store and is equipped with hundreds of 3M Cloud Library e-readers, 48 iMacs and 200 Nook e-readers for kids. The 3M Cloud Library app makes it all possible, and currently offers around 10,000 titles.

Will a completely digital library really work?

Inside the BiblioTech library there’s a play area for the kids, a research room and an internet cafe amongst other reading and conference rooms. Whilst I personally believe that kids in particular should continue to read vivid, colourful real books, there’s a lot to be said for allowing adults to loan books this way. The library has also opened in an area where around 75% of the population don’t have internet access. For the few local residents that do have an internet connection, users can check out books over the internet. Locals without an internet connection can come in and either read or choose a book in comfortable surroundings.

Now, I’m not totally sure what happens when the 600 3M e-readers are out on loan and people want to loan a book, but it’s a great idea for offering a wide range of books, even though it’s cost a pretty massive amount of money to do so.

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