Vodafone reveal iPhone 5s pricing. Spoiler – You need to save.

Let’s face it, the super-cheap iPhone 5c failed to really materialise. Sure, it’s here, but is it super-cheap? No. What you’re left with is (effectively) an iPhone 5 with a bit of colour or, if you’re loaded, the all-new iPhone 5s.

Today Vodafone have revealed their prices for the latter and, with their shiny new 4G network and Sky Sports or Spotify Premium packages, they’re keen to get you on-board.

Now, I’ll do some preparation before you read these iPhone 5s prices. They’re going to be expensive. Very expensive. If you decide to go on a two year 4G plan and want 2GB of data to use (it’ll be 6GB per month if you sign up before the end of next month) then you’ll be paying £47 per month and, if you choose the top-of-the-range 64GB iPhone 5s, you’ll need to pay £229 up-front. That’s a two-year cost of £1357. I could buy a car for that! Unlimited texts and calls are included though, and you can choose to reduce that up-front cost by going for the slightly cheaper 32GB or 16GB model.

Vodafone reveal iPhone 5s pricing. Spoiler   You need to save.

Switch to 3G-only and the two-year plans are .. well.. have a look for yourself below. For £42 per month you’ll get a measly 1GB of data and unlimited texts / calls. The iPhone 5s has an upfront cost of £79 for the 16GB model, £149 for the 32GB version and £229 for the 64GB version. That, my friends, means you’ll be paying a £1237 overall cost over two years.

Vodafone reveal iPhone 5s pricing. Spoiler   You need to save.

If you’re sold on your 4G stuff and want to have the Sky Sports Mobile package or the Spotify Premium package then go for it, but you can get the iPhone 5s (16GB model) on 4G with EE for £46 per month and you get a whopping 10GB data allowance, plus you’re paying £49.99 up-front. Compare this to the Voda 4G plan where you pay a pound more per month (£47) and £79 for the iPhone 5s 16GB.. and you get 6GB for the duration of your contract if you sign up before the end of October, otherwise you get just 2GB.

Oh and to top it all, we originally thought that the EE iPhone 5s prices were expensive!

Let me know what you guys think, because I’m just scratching my head in amazement here.

Full details in the press release below.

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