EE reveal iPhone 5S pricing

EE have just updated their online store and now include prices for the new Apple iPhone 5s. The handset goes on sale Friday 20th September – just next week.

As expected, the pricing is high for their latest premium phone which comes complete with fingerprint scanner, new and improved camera, three metal colour variations and iOS 7.

The best plan to get the 5s 16GB at the lowest price is £51 a month. This gets you the phone for just £19 in addition to unlimited calls, texts and a massive 20GB of UK internet.

EE reveal iPhone 5S pricing

EE reveal iPhone 5S pricing

EE reveal iPhone 5S pricing

Check the link below for more information.

Source:  EE Store

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  • Gabriel

    that’s expensive! sticking to my lumia 920 – got on similar price plan of £36/month but didn’t need to pay £269 upfront!

  • LeeJS

    Rip off prices from Extremely Expensive, as usual.

  • MUFC67

    Oh dear will people actually pay this for, what is,just a minor upgrade on last years model?
    Got a message from Three saying they would be upgrading me to their 4G service on my current plan for free. 35 a month on the One plan incl. Tethering. More than happy with my Galaxy S4 that came free with the contract.

  • Kurt House

    I agree with the other comments here, the pricing is crazy. That being said I think that every year for the iphone and there are always plenty of isheep desperate to throw money on it. Don’t get me wrong the phone is decent enough but the cost is daylight robbery. That’s the power of being a fashionable brand I suppose.

  • Martin

    Oh dear lord, £270 for the 32gig version on a £36 pm contract is just astonishing. Don’t forget they’ll up that twice during the contract so by the end you’ll be on nearly £40pm.