gets a full Android app gets a full Android app

Not heard of ? Well, it’ll let you combine radio and music discovery in one big experience (I’m reading from the press release, sorry). There’s a catalogue of 22 million songs which you can preview or borrow if you want to hear more.

Borrow? Yes, borrow.

You simply find a song you like, download and borrow it. Like a digital library, you can then dip into your borrowed songs at any time or swap them out when you want a change. It’ll let you borrow 20 songs for just £1 a month. You can crank up the amount of music and features by paying a bit more per month. gets a full Android app

Now. Now, my dear friend. Now there’s a full Android app too. It’ll let you do the whole borrowing thing (which you can try out for free), access those radio stations and it’ll play all the music you’ve already downloaded to your phone. It’s got some good ratings so far too.

Still confused? Well, have a looksie at the video explaining it all.. gets a full Android app