The real reason behind the Nokia buy? Lumia Android handsets were a reality

The real reason behind the Nokia buy? Lumia Android handsets were a reality
We suspected it, and it appears to be true. Nokia really was trying out Android and, according to two unnamed staff members, they had Android running on Lumia handsets months before the Microsoft buy-out was even planned.

Microsoft were aware of the confidential project and, although it was an expected back-out plan, it would’ve definitely had a bearing on the deal between Microsoft and Nokia. The Lumia handsets make a huge proportion of Windows Phone sales, and most people assume that the only Windows Phone devices out there are made by Nokia.

The real reason behind the Nokia buy? Lumia Android handsets were a reality

The New York Times has spoken to two people who were aware of the Nokia Android project, which will no doubt get canned now that Miicrosoft have taken over the Nokia Mobile Division.

An Android Nokia? Would you buy one? My suspicion is that a lot of you would.

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  • 80000037

    I would really consider it

  • the_prof

    Bloody Microsoft!! If Nokia had brought out an Android handset (maybe something similar to the 1020), I would have bought one, no question.

    It does make you wonder why Nokia didn’t go Android in the first place really. They always made good hardware, and they are good at the software part too. I think pretty much everyone could see that Microsoft had the wrong attitude even way back then. They’re going to strong-arm their way into the competition, but I strongly believe their ownership of the Nokia mobile division will be beleaguered by their own poor judgement.

    • Bob

      agreed, Lumia’s are a gorgeous looking bit of kit. With Android on them, it would have hopefully put the brakes on Samsungs monopoly.

  • William Topping

    Elop was a Microsoft trojan horse, and he should be investigated.

  • aZZa

    There is a lot of love for Nokia, probably because we all grew up with them.

    Nokia are famous for bad decisions that nearly always managed to cock up something with their symbian phones (ongoing memory errors anyone?)

    But their worst decision ( which anyone with half a brain cell could see ) was to go with WP and M$, which has now cost them their business.

    Out of nostalgia I might have invested in a low end Nokiandroid but I bet there would have been some design decision that would have driven me nuts…

    RIP Nokia phones, Thanks for my old 6210 and 6131 dumb phones, I love them still…

  • Xander Coley

    Hell yes I’d have bought a Nokia android handset. The Microsoft option was always going to sink Nokia. I was just hoping they would come to their senses first, sadly not. RIP Nokia.

  • I’d have one…. Nokia where one of the best hardware creators….


  • blim ey

    nokia lumia 1020 with android, i would never think twice. sign me in pls.

  • Nokia phone user

    My last nokia is this 920

  • Keni Barwick

    A good move by Elop, force the hand of the giant bodes well for the future of MS with him on board. Nokia’s days were numbered when they kept insisting on using an outdated set of code base to power their devices. Windows Phone isn’t the best OS (their I said it) but it works for me, and it seems an increasing number of others. Good thing really, I like *being* different (see what I did there)

  • Philip Nowlan

    I would not have bought an Android Nokia. I tried Android and did not like it. All of my smartphones have been Microsoft one from the SPV 500 to my current Lumia 920. My Lumia 820 is coming to the end if its 2 years so next will be another Lumia 1020 or 925 or maybe 1520. I know I’m in a minority but that suits me.