O2 Announce iPhone 5s and 5c pricing

O2 Announce iPhone 5s and 5c pricing

So, wanna know how much the new iPhones will cost? Well, on O2 the short answer is that you can get the iPhone 5s for just £37 with unlimited texts, unlimited minutes and 1GB of 3G data.

There you go. Not bad eh?

OK, yes, there’s the small matter of the £119.99 upfront cost. We’ll try and brush over that.

You can also jump onto one of those new O2 Refresh tariffs to let you upgrade more freely. Have a read all about the O2 Refresh stuff in our earlier story here. If you want some 4G action you can plumb for the 5s with unlimited texts, unlimited minutes and 5GB of 4G data for £47 a month with a £119.99 upfront cost.

Looking for the iPhone 5c? You can pick one up with unlimited texts, 600 minutes and 750MB 3G data for £32 a month with just a £49.99 upfront cost. That, if I’m honest, isn’t bad. For 4G, try 5GB of 4GB data, unlimited texts and unlimited minutes for a £99.99 upfront cost at £42 per month.

We’ll bring more detailed pricing when we have it. As we’ve mentioned before, both of these will run on O2 4G but they do state that..

iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c are both 4G ready devices that will be enabled to run on our 4G network within the coming weeks – this will happen when new settings are ready to be sent by Apple and we will inform customers when they are available. Customers who buy iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c on a 4G tariff before this update happens will get £5 off their bill for one month. Until the update, customers can still use all the data that comes with the 4G tariff and enjoy enhanced versions of O2 Tracks and Priority Sports on our 3G network

More details below..

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  • Matt

    Not bad? Are you joking? What happened to the Leigh who was championing giffgaff and sim free deals?

  • Peter Rich

    Way too expensive

  • Martin

    To be fair to Leigh, the price is not too bad for an iPhone. If anything it is what I was sorta expecting. Don’t forget this will be £119 for the 16gig phone. I’m guessing the 32 will be £199ish. And I doubt that will come down for a long long time.

  • LeeJS

    Never ceases to amaze me how people are prepared to pay this much per month for a phone for 2 years. I have no intention or desire to pay any more than the £10 a month I currently pay. You’d have to be a mug to pay that much for any phone, never mind an iPhone.

    • James

      Think of it as a computer in your hand and it’s easier to understand why people spend the money. I rarely use mine for calls!

      • LeeJS

        You misunderstand: my point was about the price of contracts, not phones. I buy all my phones off-contract so I understand only too well their value. Over 24 months, my phone costs less than £700, including data. The iPhones discussed above will end up costing between £1000 and £1200 by the end of the 24 month contract.