EE announces Swap

The worst thing about phone contracts is having to have the same phone for 2 years whilst there are constantly new ones being released. O2 have their refresh tariffs to allow you to change phones mid-contract and now EE have launched Swap.

Swap allows users with eligible handsets to swap for any new phone on the same or higher price plan for a small fee as long as they have had the contract for at least 6 months. The handset being returned needs to be in good working condition. It also allows Orange and T-mobile customers an easy way to upgrade to faster 4G speeds. If customers don’t have an eligible handset then they can still take advantage of EE’s early upgrade offer to receive 33% off their remaining line rental.

The one-off payments are detailed below:

4GEE 24m plan

£51 4GEE

£46 4GEE

£41 4GEE

£36 4GEE


20GB data, unlimited UK mins. and texts

10GB data, unlimited UK mins. and texts

2GB data, unlimited UK mins. and texts

1.5GB data, unlimited UK mins. and texts

One-off payment





All plans also include a range of benefits, including EE Film (offering 2 for 1 cinema tickets), Clone Phone Lite, discounted fibre broadband and fast-track customer service. Customers on plans £41 and above receive an inclusive add-on, with a choice of Deezer Music (access to 25m tracks), EE games or EE Mobile TV.

Current eligible phones are:

  • iPhone 5
  • HTC One
  • Samsung S3
  • Samsung S4
  • Samsung Note 2

It doesn’t matter where you bought the phone from, EE store, online or a 3rd party but you can only do the swap in an EE store.

Swap launches on the 17th September, for more details head here.

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  • the_prof

    Vodafone are offering something similar. I must say, I’m really not bothered enough by 4G to shell out for the remaining line rental just to get a 4G phone, even if it is reduced. The way I look at it, by the time my contract finishes, the 4G network should actually be worth using.

    The way I thought this would work would be for them to take your existing handset to clear the remainder of the line-rental, and then just allow you to start a new contract – no further cost. You are taking out a new 24-month contract, so surely they’re not going to lose out too much?

  • It all sounded good, until they revealed how much the one-off payments cost!
    Ridiculous – just trade your phone in when you want another and save money!