Panasonic abandon ship, no more Eluga!

Panasonic abandon ship, no more Eluga!

Growing up I remember Panasonic as one of the leading consumer electronics brands.  TV’s, stereos, video recorders, cordless landline telephones and so on.  Then as the cellphone was invented they made their way into that market too.  They were so successful that in 2001 they along with NEC were the largest handset maker in Japan.

Then along came the smartphone and whilst Panasonic still make electricals goods they have no where near the exposure here in the UK that they once had.

In fact, I challenge you to name one smartphone that they have made!

Their range of smartphones was in fact called the Eluga and consisted of the Eluga Power and the Eluga DL1 which we reviewed back in May last year.

Whilst the range was ok, it was no better than that and in order to survive in the smartphone world you either have to be cutting edge, cheap or both.  Unfortunately, Panasonic were neither.

This has led to a lack of exposure with the networks and lack of brand awareness amongst the public thus leading to poor sales.

All this adds up to the fact that Panasonic have now decided to stop making smartphones.

The company’s smartphone division has been making a loss for sometime and is expected to lose another £7 million this year.  Company president, Kazuhiro Tsuga said “It’s not acceptable for the company to be bleeding red ink like this, so we have to think about ways to develop assets that we do have in a more effective direction”


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  • martin clinton

    I still use a DL1 as a ‘pub/concert/party’ phone, I got it when Expansys were offloading them for around £150, easily goes in the pocket, lightweight, waterproof. Rubbish indoor camera as there’s no flash, and battery life isn’t very good, but its good for the purpose I need it for!!
    Amazing that in 12 years they’ve gone from top of the tree in Japan to now pulling out of the market.

    • Simon Allum

      Not a bad deal for £150, did it ever get ics?

      • martin clinton

        Yes, via an ics installer you download from the play store