Samsung claim the Galaxy Note III was designed by aliens

In the immortal words of one of our most respected urban poets, this story is, “bonkers”! You thought the HTChange adverts were out there, but Samsung’s teaser video for the ‘Unpacked 2’ event features lifeforms from out there! Just take a look:

This video and the full story behind it was published by some marketing people, most probably known a Fox and Dana, on Samsung’s official blog, but to paraphrase it goes something like this:

Conspiracy theorists have claimed that the technology in Samsung products is so advanced that it is beyond the capabilities of the human race, and therefore it must have been designed by aliens. They insist that the extra terrestrials are treated well, work 9am to 5pm, get health insurance with full coverage, and pay taxes (a dig at Foxconn, maybe?). The reason this hasn’t come to light before, they claim, is that Alien abduction stories are too sensitive for the mass media.

Of course, this is just a joke and an excuse to pop a few reminders in front of our faces that the announcement of their latest products will be at IFA in Berlin tomorrow.

Unfortunately there’s no sneak glimpses of the Galaxy Note III or Galaxy Gear smartwatch to be seen. Just some strange people in rubbery suits being secretly filmed, and there’s quite enough of that on the internet already!