Nexus bargain – the end of the 4?

Nexus bargain   the end of the 4?

We’ve always got an eye out for a deal here at CoolSmartPhone, especially one of good pedigree. With this in mind a report of a Nexus 4 16gb on sale for £259.99 does raise an inquisitive eyebrow and also a couple of questions:

1) Wow what a good deal, should I buy one?


2) Does this retailer know something I don’t?

You can click through to see the Nexus 4 on sale by DigitalRev here . With the White version now available in the UK (pictured below) , is the older, black version not of as much interest?

Nexus bargain   the end of the 4?

This this a simple matter of clearing stock, a bit of an over-order or is the oft rumoured Nexus 5 a lot closer than expected? Many tipsters and industry obsevers have marked September in this years calendar as being the prime time for the Nexus 5 annoucment. Thanks to the recent news of the LG G2 and the extended details of its specifications (more details reported here) we think we have a pretty good idea of what it will look like as well.

Nexus bargain   the end of the 4?
The LG G2, could this be the template for the Nexus 5?

So is the Nexus 4 still as much of as bargain as it was almost a year ago? Is this new, cheaper price enough to change your mind? Was it ever as good a bargain as it was reported, do you have one and if not, why not?

Voice your feelings below.