LiquidMetal back on the iPhone 5C?

LiquidMetal back on the iPhone 5C?

When I first saw this headline I had an image of the back of the new iPhone changing shape and trying to kill people like the T1000 in Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

Apple have actually held the patent for LiquidMetal for ages but only used it for the little keys used to remove the SIM trays in various idevices. They now seem to have found another use for it – the back cover for the “budget” iPhone 5C.

The video shows a man putting the back cover of the device into a zip lock bag with a load of coins, paper clips, keys, screws and what looks like an extra battery pack. The bag is then shaken and the back comes out unscratched. If you want to have a look, check out the source 1 link below.

It turns out the iPhone 5C back factory is leakier than a sieve at the moment with two more videos showing the supposed back cover being put through its paces also leaking.

So whatever it turns out to be on the back of the 5C the leaked backs look pretty durable and with rumours pointing to a 10th September announcement we don’t have long to wait for confirmation.

Source 1: Apple Daily (Taiwanese)

Via: The Register

Source 2: GSMarena