WhatsApp adds voice messages for Windows Phone

It appears that WhatsApp have been doing a little bit of tinkering with their servers and have enabled voice messaging for Windows Phone, or the new Lumia 1020 at least.

WhatsApp is a very popular cross platform instant messaging app that allows users to chat, share pictures, videos and now voice messages to anyone else with the app. Whilst the option to share voice messages already exists on the Android version, it has now arrived on the 1020.

It appears that this update has only been applied to the 1020 at the moment but should be rolling out to the rest of the Windows Phone range hopefully soon, possibly with or just after the GDR2 update. As it is just a server update it shouldn’t require any update via the store, it should just appear on the phone when you check the app.

Source: Plaffo (in Italian)

Via: Windows Central