Many don’t intend on upgrading to 4G

Many dont intend on upgrading to 4G

Remember how we ran a survey about 4G? Remember how you told us that extra speed really wasn’t a big deal?

Well, now Ofcom have done a similar survey and they’ve reached the same conclusion. Just under a quarter have absolutely no intention of going 4G.

It seems that the higher premium and relatively low data allowances have put a lot of people off, plus the fact that 3G data speeds are currently sufficient for most smartphones.

EE have recently doubled the speed of their 4G network in a number of locations, and they’re continuing to push hard with the Kevin Bacon advertising. There he is, on the beach, with his shed load of data. Geddit? Shed load of data?

Mmmm… Bacon.

So, if until 3G becomes GPRS and 4G becomes .. err.. 3G, we’re all dragging out heels a tad..

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  • Rob

    which is why Three have got it right – I won’t be “upgrading” to 4G, I’ll just get it automatically. Same allowance as now, no extra cost. I have no idea how the other networks think they can get away with what should just be a routine upgrade from a customer perspective.

  • Hands0n

    It doesn’t take a genius to work out that people are reluctant to pay a premium for faster data. Given their experience with the networks to date, poor coverage, poor data throughout, miserly allowances, what is the compelling attraction? Yet the mobile operators seem to think they’ve got some kind of golden goose. Three have got their proposition exactly right, and they will profit from LTE’s lower operational costs while passing on the benefit to the customer.

    • the_prof

      I completely agree. The fact is that it’s possible to get 3G at speeds that rival what most people have on their home broadband anyway. You can still stream video with it, and at decent quality. Thing is, most people don’t bother because it kills their data allowance, which is not improved at all on 4G.

      Coverage is still as big of an issue on 4G too – the range for the 800MHz signal should be (in theory) better than 3G, so some operators should be able to improve on coverage without adding cell towers. But this will not universally be the case.

      4G will be useful to have, and does have some technical advantages, but people won’t want to pay extra for it – why would they? I can understand that maybe it’s a strategic decision for the networks to roll it out this way, just so they can iron all the bugs out before everyone starts to get it.

  • J Ryan

    Fuck Kevin Bacon

  • buff69

    Totally agree just went out got me self a new ‘3’ contract coss they have the better proposition up grade to 4g for no extra money and no data cap just hope the coverage is better than vodafone

  • When I can get a reliable 3g signal I might be impressed – till then whats the point of even thinking about it. T

  • Darren

    What’s the killer feature of 4G?.. The speed ?…doi need the speed, well not really no.

    And I was considering buying a 4G handset just for the wow factor, but the data allowances are so low.

    So I’ll just go without

  • Martin

    Nah, not gonna go to 4G, well not with Orange anyways, they will be losing me as a customer in the next week or so.

    My daughters phone is on Orange, as I’ve mentioned previously the contract price has increased from £37 at the start 2 years ago to £42 currently :(

    She wants an iPhone 5, so looking at Orange for a suitable tariff it’ll cost (on 4G) for 16gig:

    £41pm for 2gig +unlimited Texts & calls + £30 up front

    Now, the same handset on Three is:

    £29pm for Unlimited data +unlimited Texts & 500mins + £29 up front

    It’s a no brainer really, she’s more than happy with the £29pm tariff as she is a texter and a facetweeter, I’ll be £13pm (over current costs, £12 if I move to the new tariff) in pocket, she gets the phone she wants and Orange don’t get any more of my money, all in all a win-win for everyone :) Well, apart from Orange of course, but who cares about them huh?

    I haven’t got round to calling Orange (ok EE) to get my PAC so I’m unsure of the ‘loyalty’ deal I could get.
    If we stayed on the 3g data plan then I could get the panther £36 which gives 1gig data, 600mins and unlimited texts, this is what she is on at the moment. With the price rises I know Orange will inflict this will not stay at £36pm for ever :( 1gig data is not really enough for her, she has to keep an eye on her useage so the AYCE on Three will be perfect.