Is speed important to you? The results.

Is speed important to you? The results.Getting a fast car is great. You can beat people off the lights and smile as they stuggle to keep up.

Trouble is, in the long run, you’re going to run out of fuel quicker and that guy you accelerated away from will end up driving past as you’re filling up at the pumps.

Data limits, like a petrol tank, don’t seem to be big enough for those speedy 4G users. However, EE are pushing hard with their “Superfast 4G” network. That 4G network is new and it’s already getting another turbo installed, with 20Mbps coming soon.

There’s an issue though, and it’s not just a problem confined to the mobile networks. Across the connected world we’re seeing a tricky balance between speed, capping, traffic shaping and port blocking. “Unlimited” doesn’t always mean “Unlimited” and advertisers are finding new ways to say that something is unrestricted, even when it’s not. Not really.

So, just recently, we asked you three simple questions…



Which is the most important to you when choosing a network?

We had 135 responses to this one and there’s three major factors that stand out. The question allowed multiple responses, butĀ coverage, data allowance and priceĀ were hugely important. Strangely, despite the push by EE to include unlimited text and call allowances, they’re hardly of importance to you when choosing a network. For our readers at least, it’s all about how much data you get, how good the coverage is and the overall price of the plan.

Data speed was important too, but there’s more of that to come.

Is speed important to you? The results.

Do you feel that 3G speeds are sufficient or do you want more?

So, do our readers need 4G speeds? Well, 128 of you responded to this one and 80% said that 3G speeds were sufficient for them. The rest wanted a little more, but it seems that the existing 3G networks are meeting the needs of many.

Is speed important to you? The results.Should networks concentrate on enhancing existing 2G / 3G coverage before pushing out 4G?

Here’s the results after 120 of you voted on this one and the results mirror the responses of the previous question. It seems that 3G speeds are fine, but you’d like the coverage to be improved still further..

Is speed important to you? The results.


We’d like to thank everyone who voted. From our brief survey it seems that our visitors want a healthy data allowance, good coverage and good 3G data speeds – not necessarily 4G speeds – at a good price.

“Superfast” speeds are a “nice to have”, but it sends that, fir the rest of us, “Prettyfast” is good enough.