More people unlock their phones in the US following a ban on unlocking

More people unlock their phones in the US following a ban on unlocking
Hello. I’ve had 2 hours sleep.

No matter! I’ve got some news for you fair reader. Did you know that in America it’s now illegal to unlock your phone? Yep. Illegal. Here in the UK we’ll soon have a smut filter while Americans are unable to cut their devices free from contract shackles. What’s going on with the world eh?

Well, there’s still a chance that the US law could get reversed, but Mobile Unlocked have been checking their numbers. They do unlocking, and have checked the 31 days either side of the new US law. Amazingly they found that sales have increased over 71% since the law came into force, which means more people actually unlocked their devices after it was made illegal.

There’s a few holes in these stats though, especially considering that the law only covers phones that were purchased after January 26th 2013. They’ve also seen US sales drop slowly recently, which kinda makes this whole article a bit worthless.

Hmm .. time for a coffee..

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  • Andy Fielder

    Will it apply to the life of the phone or can you unlock at the end of the contract?

    Seems odd as you are effectively buying the phone on HP with the ‘contract’!

  • Andy Fielder

    Double expresso!

  • Marsg

    Sales are down because carriers here are starting to charge ginormous fees on devices and plans especially Verizon

  • RamziRambles♫

    Can they lock a phone after it has been unlocked? Now I am not in the US, but I had a friend get a US phone and had it unlocked here.. Works fine on my country’s networks.. Thoughts?