Rearth Ringke Slim case for the LG Nexus 4 – Review

Rearth Ringke Slim case for the LG Nexus 4   Review

Getting the Nexus 4 the other week left me a little nervous, I’ve seen more pictures of shattered back panels than any other phone ever. Needless to say I wanted something to protect it, whilst looking through the dozens of different styles I decided that this time I wanted something minimal yet that would protect the back of the Nexus 4.

The Rearth Ringke Slim case does exactly that and to start off my review here are the good and bad points about the case.

Good Points

  • Lightweight
  • Slim fitting
  • Protects the glass back
  • Cutouts for buttons are in correct place

Bad Points

  • Screen protection lacking
  • Tricky to remove, which makes SIM swapping a chore
  • A little bit slippy due to flat smooth back


The Slim case is one of those Polycarbonate clip in cases that flex slightly to allow the phone to fit in. The case has a few cut-outs to allow the buttons to be used, I do prefer cutouts as opposed to covered buttons. The back panel is almost totally devoid of any kind of markings, giving quite a minimal feel to it.

In Use

In use the case offers protection to the back, the sides and ever so slightly to the front of the Nexus 4. This is done by having slightly enlarged corner pieces that just come past where the screen sits.

As the case doesn’t have a cut-out for the SIM card, it means for frequent SIM swappers like me you’ll have to remove the case to do it. Removing the case is a whole lot more fiddly than putting it on. To remove the case I had to push on the camera from the back and wedge my nail down the side of the case and flex the whole thing, which was always rather worrying when the most fragile phone in the world is held inside.

The case felt a little angular in the hand, which isn’t a bad thing it just doesn’t feel the best, the case also was a little slippy on a sloping surface.


In conclusion I liked the case, it didn’t bulk the phone up massively, it also offered some protection to the phone and it also looked really quite nice, the black and white contrasting colours made me want a white Nexus 4 even more.

You can get the Slim case and hundreds more over at Mobilefun.