giffgaff to start selling handsets – have your say

giffgaff to start selling handsets   have your say

It’s an MVNO that almost needs no introduction – giffgaff. They’re known for unlimited data, bargain-basement prices and no-frills SIM-only goodybags.

However, they still don’t sell phones. If you want a phone, you need to go and grab a SIM-free handset yourself and then get a giffgaff SIM before marrying the two.

The network has been looking to range handsets for a while now, but their project is now gathering steam and, as is usual with giffgaff, they’re looking to the community to shape their product pages. They’ve setup this page to capture your first, second and third handset choice. With this they’ll hopefully get an idea about which handsets to range, and then you can select them when they start selling handsets

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