Flexishield clear case for the Nokia Lumia 925 – Review

When I got my Nokia Lumia 925 I was worried, worried about the metal sides of the phone, metal tends to scratch and lo and behold within minutes I had a tiny nick on the edge. I set about trying to find a case and barely anything existed.

I came across the clear Flexishield case and decided it was the one, a stop gap until Nokia decide to release something a little more protective than their wireless charging case.

Good Points 

  • Lightweight
  • Kind of see through
  • Protects the side and the screen

Bad Points 

  • Plain design and overall a bit a bit dull


The Flexishield case is made of flexible TPU and has a nice sort of white frosted effect to it. There are cut outs for the power socket and the headphone socket, the other buttons are covered by thin bits of the same material. The case does protrude past the screen so if you place it face down it will be protected. Although it’s not that thick so a drop onto a rough surface my result in damage. The pins for the wireless charging case are left uncovered, whether the manufacturer didn’t know what they were for is another matter.

Have a look at the images of the case.

In Use

In use the case does its job and it doesn’t inhibit any functions. Oh unless you want to charge wirelessly, as there is only one case compatible with wireless charging you can forget that. The TPU does actually feel quite nice in the hand, I don’t know whether this is because it’s not very old yet. But it felt nice to hold.


The Flexishield case for the Nokia Lumia 925 is a basic unit, it offers basic protection and doesn’t have much design flare. I mainly now use it when I don’t need to wirelessly charge it and I need to put my 925 in a rucksack or something.

You can buy the Flexishield case for the Nokia Lumia 925 along with some other cases here.