Sony Smart Watch 2 Available Next Week

Sony Smart Watch 2 Available Next Week

Remember this link where we reported that the next version of the Sony Smart Watch is available for pre order with a delivery date of September. 
The Web site Clove have announced that there are expecting stock on 15th July.
The watch can be pre-ordered here from Clove for a price of £120 Inc VAT

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  • Troy Dyall

    A pity its £30 over priced….

  • Adso3000

    Lying sacks of shit Clove just pushed to week starting September 9. “We were misinformed by Sony. It was never our intention to mislead”. Right! I totally believe that, especially since Sony clearly stated in its press release that it will be available in September.

  • martin clinton

    I have to admit I was surprised that Clove seemed to have stolen a 7 week lead on the rest of the world on this, so September it is it seems….