New Sony smartwatch coming with NFC

Sony have recently been teasing the announcement of a new Smartwatch on their Xperia twitter account and it looks set to become official at the Mobile Asia Expo 2013 which runs from 26th to 28th of June. The tweets include a picture of the current Smartwatch (their second after the LiveView), the hashtag #itstime and #MAE13.







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  • Anonymous

    I was so disappointed with the previous iterations of their smart watches (i.e. buggy and don’t do what they are supposed to most of the time). I’m actually coming to the conclusion that Sony are just crap at designing and integrating their hardware. I certainly wouldn’t buy one without trying it out beforehand.

    I have a Pebble, and I’m extremely pleased with it so far. It works really well, even though they have a few things to add and a couple of things to sort out (mostly Apple’s fault). Can’t wait until some of the two-way apps start to appear.

  • Android App Developers

    This is great to hear. On my view Sony phones takes a prior position in the world of Smartphones and being a master in Android mobile application development. This Smartwatch with NFC technology is really cool and a appreciable work.