Samsung to release a faster Galaxy S4, but what will they call it?

Samsung to release a faster Galaxy S4, but what will they call it?

Samsung have said that there will an updated version of the Galaxy S4 released. With a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip and LTE Advanced, meaning not only will the phone be faster but the internet speed will be a whole lot faster too (on compatible networks).

J.K. Shin from Samsung said the phone would be sold in South Korea as early as this month. Hmm. I’ll eat my hat if that happens.

Apparently Samsung are already in talks with overseas carriers to take the phone.
In an interview with Reuters Shin told Reuters.

“We’ll be the first with the commercial launch of the advanced 4G version of the smartphone,”

He also told them the following.

“The new S4 will use LTE-Advanced 4G technology, an upgrade from conventional 4G called LTE, or long term evolution. LTE-Advanced offers data transmission at up to twice the normal 4G speed. The phones will be powered by Qualcomm chips.

Shin also mentioned that the new Galaxy S4 would be in addition to the existing model and that it would be slightly more expensive than the existing model as well.

So it seems that Samsung have decided to make the Galaxy S4 even higher spec to cope with the competition. But still no mention of better quality materials or even what they’ll call it. I’m guessing either.

Galaxy S4 Speedy
Galaxy S4 Turbo
Galaxy S4 Advanced
Galaxy S4s

We’ll no doubt see leaks, official announcements and then a big show with tap dancing soon.

Source – Reuters