The Coolsmartphone Podcast – Episode 50

Episode 50 of the Coolsmartphone Podcast is here. Another crazy week, far too many announcements, rumours and leaks. This weeks topics include the Galaxy S4 Active, the flood of Asus tablets, Acer and there offerings, Nokia, some more Samsung, the Three outage and the usual off topic waffle.

Joining me this week were Ian Furlong and Ronnie Whelan.

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EE 'double speed' in action?
Vodafone starts Lumia 925 pre-orders
  • robinottawa

    Great show. There’s always too much to cover, which is part of the fun.
    I was curious that you didn’t mention the extra photo cpu the 808 has, when you wondered if the Nokia eos would work out. Couldn’t that work on the Windows phone?
    And you really shouldn’t forget that it shoots at 5 or 8mp most of the time (which is what gives the super low noise in theory), so space is not a concern.

    • James Pearce

      Hi Robinottawa

      Thanks for listening, did you make it to the end this week?

      As regards the EOS I think that Windows Phone 8 will hold it back a bit. It could be something so much better. Ie 1080p, 5″, micro sd, TV out, etc etc.

      I’ve gone for the Lumia 925 as for me the design has won me over.