EE ‘double speed’ in action?

A good friend of mine is an EE customer and lives in London. He’s been a good mate for years now so I asked about his new EE 4G contract.

Being in London he gets 4G all the time but it seems that the ‘double speed’ rollout is well underway now. Just last night he tweeted out a few speedtest screenshots taken on his Samsung Galaxy S4….

EE double speed in action? EE double speed in action?

On checking to confirm we can confirm this was 4G and not WiFi and if you look at some of the speeds they reach around 90Mbps and even the latest test hit the magic 100Mbps mark!

We are visiting London again soon for a Samsung event, so I’m looking forward to seeing this in action. Until then, these are highly impressive results from EE

Credit to @marcflores for the screenshots

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  • Martin

    holy moly, 100meg here in blighty, whodathunkit? That is seriously impressive. Kudos to EE for rolling this out.
    Now will you please, please up your data limits? 500meg on a 100meg connection is gonna go before someone can say, wow this is downloaded really fast.

    • Marc Flores

      I was just as surprised when I was running the tests last night. For a split second I thought I was on WiFi, but even my BT Infinity connection isn’t that fast!

  • Daren

    Looking forward to PAYG 4G which I understand is coming soon

  • phillip norton

    Wow the speeds are as fast as my 100mb virgin home broadband here in nottingham

  • weirdstuff

    Whereabouts does he live Dan? I’m in North West London and if it’s in my area know next payday I may well be making a 1 month purchase…

    • Marc Flores

      I’m in Plaistow, East London.