Twitter for Android hits version 4.1

Twitter are continuing their recent push to turn their Android app into something you’d actually want to use. With the 4.0 update, I actually switched to it as my go to Twitter app, and with 4.1 they’ve made it that little bit better.

Twitter for Android hits version 4.1

 The compose screen is actually now a screen, rather than the previous pop up sheet. This allows space for the big new addition, which is the introduction of an inline photo picker for inserting your pictures. Unfortunately, it only shows photos from the camera roll (and not the screen shot album for us geeks!) but it does make picking photos that little bit quicker and should save you having to pop out of the app and into the gallery.

Twitter for Android hits version 4.1

 You can also insert your location, with a nice map replacing the keyboard that can be panned and zoomed. I still prefer to keep location off, but the less paranoid among you can now reveal your exact coordinates with that little bit less friction.

 May the steady improvements keep coming. I’m still waiting for (much) better list support.

Play Store Link – Twitter for Android

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  • Simon Allum

    You can add any picture, screenshot or otherwise by selecting the first icon in the camera roll. This takes you to the gallery where you can then select any folder.

    • Anonymous

      Was trying to say that you can only quickly insert pics from from camera roll. You can still insert others but that invokes going into the gallery app.

  • Craig Bradshaw

    Good catch…I got the update yesterday and was fiddling with it. The screenshot album should definitely be included as it’s a stock Android facility (to take them) and as such, should surely be recognised. Having said that, I use Plume mostly.

  • weirdstuff

    Is it usable as a day-to-day Twitter-client now? I’ve been using Plume as the standard offering from Twitter was so bad. I might download it this afternoon and give it another go…

    • Anonymous

      I really like it, mainly because it looks great (IMHO). It has all the basic functionality covered. Two things that annoy me area lack of good list support and the fact that it doesn’t natively display a lot of media inline (Instagram, Yfrog…)