EU looking to make roaming charges history

We all know that using a phone abroad can be very expensive especially for data. There may be hope on the horizon though thanks to this woman.

EU looking to make roaming charges history

This is Neelie Kroes and she is the European Commissioner for Digital Agenda. With EU roaming charges already set to drop in July, Ms Kroes is looking to go a step further and completely abolish roaming charges for all countries within the EC with some new legislation in Easter 2014.

That would be great, just wish it could apply around the rest of the world as I can see networks hiking prices for other countries to make up for the lost revenue from the EC.

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  • Anonymous

    This is music to my ears. That said, I do wonder quite how it would work. I mean, would you just be able to use your bundled minutes, texts and data like you do at home? This would suggest some kind of EU wide price alignment.

    In any case, anything that stops me having to find an alternative SIM card every time I go abroad will make my life a great deal easier. Being a fairly regular traveller due to the work I do, I tend to have to be quite careful how I use my phone.

    • Richard Zander

      @the_prof , use one of these, they are great, no more worrying about huge bills,
      It starts working in Europe in June too, Was initially USA/Australia/UK

      • Anonymous

        Wow, that’s great, thanks! Not quite sure how I missed that… I guess the last couple of times I’d been to the USA I bought myself a Verizon card from eBay, but this seems to be a bit more convenient. Thanks again!

        • Richard Zander

          I travel a lot for work, this has saved me a fortune.. Enjoy

  • When the year-on-year price capping was introduced, it was stated that 2015 was the target date to scrap roaming charges within the EU. I hope that this will still happen and not get delayed or watered down in any way. Imagine going to France, Spain, Germany etc and just using your allowance of minutes and data – with no charge for incoming calls!

  • Dan Carter

    As much as we might have a go at EE for data, their roaming plans are FANTASTIC!. Unlimited calls and texts in most of the EU and extras like Turkey, Australia, India, Russia and even America for just £5 more a month on your 24 month plan!

    I am off to New York in July and plan to take this with me