HTC finds out why supply can hurt your demand

HTC finds out why supply can hurt your demandAre Samsung fighting HTC and other manufacturers with more than just huge advertising budgets and excellent smartphones? Well, according to Jack Tong, President of HTC North Asia, Samsung are kicking them right in the supply chain.

Speaking to the press, Mr Tong mentioned how Samsung, who supplied the original OLED display on the HTC Desire, suddenly “couldn’t” supply the unit, and the phone then had to get a redesign..

We found that key component supply can be used as a competitive weapon.

So what’s the fix? Find a new supplier who isn’t already involved in making phones? Buy a supplier? Start creating all the bits yourself?

Via – Android Beat

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  • Anonymous

    Samsung have been up to these kind of dirty tricks for a long time. I remember when they were having the ‘component wars’ with the Japanese back in the 80s. Now they control so much of the supply chain for consumer electronics that they can pretty much dictate how much another company can sell their end-products for, which puts them in a rather unique position.

  • pat

    Leigh if this was apple you would be jumping up and down on them but when samsung do it your not bothered….

    • Joleen

      There’s something more sinister in the way Apple go about doing these things. Purely because they can’t innovate anymore. Samsung will see HTC as direct competition in the innovation stakes and will then do the dirty. I personally don’t like Samsung because I don’t think they can innovate (meaningfully) either. Don’t you think the other Asian manufacturers would do the same if they were in the same position as Samsung?

      • pat

        innovate what are you talking about … look at 2007 samsungs phones compared to apple iphone 2007 ….

        were did samsung get all its ideas ???????