HTC in crisis – Daniel Lazarides to leave

HTC in crisis   Daniel Lazarides to leave

Another day, another story about the continuing and rapid changes in HTC.

We’re now up to the ninth resignation from the top-ranking staff, and it comes from Daniel Lazarides, Worldwide Communications Lead for Social Marketing at HTC. He is actually based here in the UK and used to work for Edelmen PR before joining HTC in June 2011. Just a few hours ago he posted this tweet…

Daniel was tasked with “renewing both HTC’s global tone of voice and channel strategy”. It’s not known if he’ll be replaced and we’ve not heard where he’s headed to as yet. Daniel also seems to confirm that massive alteration and snap decisions are being made within HTC. Another Tweet reveals more about how awkward the situation has become (by the way, “cray cray” basically means crazy)…

HTC in crisis   Daniel Lazarides to leave

He also links to this James Bond scene, stating that he’s jumped “at just the right time”..

In other news, Jason Dunn, Senior Manager of Communities at HTC, has sought to distance himself from the problems by posting a follow-up to his tweet last night which stated that it was “raining where I am, both metaphotically and physically”…

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