When tethering is a bad idea

I’m going to see how long it takes for someone to add a comment stating, “You should’ve know, you plonker”, but give me a minute to explain this one.

I’ve been using a Three SIM Zero card for quite some time. They don’t do this particular plan any longer, but you get 2GB of browsing for £5 per month. I pop it in a second mobile and tend to use it to stream internet radio in the car (remember this story?) Recently though I decided to use it for tethering. I’d used it before and never had a problem.


…I thought..

“This is going to cost a fortune! I’m sure it’s an additional charge for tethering now!”

..so I turned it off and decided to use the free WiFi in McDonalds. I was sitting outside the restaurant so I did a bit of browsing on an iPad and watched the world go by.

Trouble is, I hadn’t actually turned off the WiFi Hotspot on my mobile, and I was still connected to my phone. The worst part? As I was working it was on silent and all of the warning messages all flooded through within three or four minutes. The time from the first warning to the final “you’ve busted your credit limit” message was exactly five minutes, so despite my best attempts I was unable to turn off the hotspot quick enough.

When tethering is a bad idea

Sadly I’ve been in touch with Three, Three support and their social media team. They all basically told me that it’s tough luck and I have to pay. Even for me it was pretty shocking how quickly the charge increased, and even worse when I had a message saying, “You’ve spent £5” and then several more with rapidly increasing figures within such a short space of time.

So, next time you decide to tether, have a read of those Terms and Conditions, because you could quickly find yourself in the same boat, and your network won’t help you…

When tethering is a bad idea