No UK love from the Xperia ZR

Following our post this morning it seems that sadly the Xperia ZR won’t be arriving here in the UK. A post on the Clove blog states that….

There are no plans for the ZR to arrive in the UK, so if you think this is the device for you then you need to source elsewhere or opt for the Xperia Z instead.

Well, that’ll explain why the UK Press team haven’t been in touch.

If you really want a ZR, try AutoTrader, this one is a good runner and is a snip at £599 ono ;)

No UK love from the Xperia ZR

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  • Tom Ranson

    Does it come with the girl? :-p

  • Eric

    That’s a shame, I think this phone could do quite well if they had pitched it at the going away on holiday for a week to Tenerife buyers, fooling around in the pool, taking photos under water, jumping in the sea, etc? I think the Z does a lot of these, but this one has dedicated camera button which would make it much easier to take the photo under water then trying to press the screen, if that even works?