UK internet users spending an average of 17 hours per week online

UK internet users spending an average of 17 hours per week onlineThe team at Ofcom have been busy doing research into the mobile landscape. Their results seem to echo the results of our survey in that internet usage is on the rise, and over half of UK adults use a mobile phone to hit the web.

According to the report we’re spending an average of 17 hours per week on the web and 53% are browsing the internet on our mobile handsets, with the number rising to 86% amongst smartphone owners. 16% use a tablet to get online with the same percentage using a games console to get online.

Smartphone ownership among UK adults rose from 44% to 54% in 2011. The fastest growth was among the 16-24s (+15 percentage points), with significant growth also seen among the 35-44s (+13 percentage points) and the 55-64s (+11 percentage points); all of these are significant increases since 2011.

Smartphone users are more likely to carry out a variety of online activities, at least weekly, compared both to non-smartphone users, and to smartphone users in 2011. The most significant increases in use since 2011 are: ‘features such as maps or satellite navigation to get where you want to go/plot a route to a destination’ (+15 percentage points), followed by ‘send or receive emails’ and ‘send or receive photo messages’ (+12 percentage points).

Get more details in their report.