Acer Cloud Mobile now £179.99. Corr blimey!

Acer Cloud Mobile now £179.99. Corr blimey!We’ve reviewed it and we’ve mentioned last month that it was down to less than £200. Now it’s even cheaper with the price dipping down to just £179.99, and that includes the delivery and everything.

The handset will, of course, arrive unlocked and has a 4.3” IPS 1280×720 HD screen. It’s powered by a dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon CPU, 8 megapixel camera (plus a VGA front one), Bluetooth 3.0, NFC, GPS, WiFi and a 3.5mm audio jack plus a microSD slot to boost the 16GB of on-board storage.

If you’ve read our Acer Cloud Mobile review and fancy buying one, try entering the word “flange” during the checkout process over on It won’t get you a discount, but it will confuse the heck out of their website people. 🙂