Microsoft Boss calls Android “a mess”

Microsoft Boss calls Android a messYes, Microsoft should be trying to portay everything in a positive light but this recent interview with Windows Phone Chief, Terry Myerson, seems to to have a slight distortion in the reality field. The Windows Phone OS is good yes, but the limited success so far doesn’t seem to have dampened the confidence.

Talking to AllThingsD he calls Android “a mess” and stirs up doubts by saying that there is..

..clearly mutiny in the Starship Android … as Chrome takes over Android, it’s going to be interesting.

He also stated that there was “probably a whole team” at Google dedicated to finding a way to remove or prevent huge GUI replacements such as Facebook Home.

Myerson wants to portray the Windows Phone team as a startup and that they are “in a challenger role” but … really?

How can he attack Android as a “mess” when Microsoft, deep down, would absolutely love to be a hugely successful “mess” ?

Trying to stir up doubts about how Samsung is the only manufacturer making money out of Android as an OS when, pretty no OEM is making any cash from Windows Phone?


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  • Anonymous

    Small-minded Microsoft’ness’. I’ve experienced similar in a few fields Microsoft struggle in (though that’s almost every one these days). The Android OS has revolutionised the Smartphone market on its own. It’s meant that pretty much any OEM can pick up an OS for their device. That’s a powerful thing. Microsoft have all manner of restrictions, then on top of that they’ll charge the average OEM anywhere between £30 and £50 depending on what agreements you have in place just so you can use their OS.

    So immediately that can take a low-end device from being competitive to being uncompetitive.

    HTC are struggling to make money out of Android simply because, stupidly, for every device they sell, they have an agreement with Microsoft to pay them a ‘patent fee’ just so they weren’t sued by MS. I’m sure that $25 per unit would come in handy for them right at the moment! HTC aren’t the only manufacturer with this restriction either.

    As usual, MS are playing dirty, and they are not really succeeding either.