[Update] ASA says T-Mobile full Monty plan not unlimited

Controversy around the T-Mobile ‘Full Monty’ package is nothing new here at Coolsmartphone. See here and here.

However, it seems the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) have also waded into this particular row.

The summary is the ASA have agreed that the plan does NOT offer unlimited access to the internet, and that T-Mobile must remove that wording by Friday of this week.  The ASA did not consider the speed caps we’ve reported to break the rules though.. more the traffic shaping (peer-to-peer restrictions), noting that such traffic is only unrestricted for six hours of the day.

As noted by PcPro the plans now seem to have changed, and specifically exclude tethering in the wording. Whether the traffic shaping for peer to peer and speed limits will be lifted remains to be seen. It seems as though T-Mobile are going to argue by removing tethering, that this makes it less likely users will expect to be able to use services like peer to peer on their network.

For now though, choose your network carefully..!


Since publication we have received the following quote from T-Mobile:

“We are pleased that the ASA has ruled that the majority of our traffic management policies are compliant with the CAP Codes. However, we will take on board the ASA’s findings on peer to peer file sharing and make the necessary changes to our network traffic management. 

Our customers should rest assured that the speeds available to them on our Full Monty plans are sufficient for all devices and users – including data downloaders with the latest smartphones, and data services such as video streaming, social networking, browsing, emailing, and music downloading.”

Source – PcPro.co.uk

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  • Martin

    Reading that article it shows that the only hours that the unlimited is truly unlimited is from 2am -> 8am. Plus they will only ever allow a 4meg download speed tops. That is pretty crapola.

  • Anonymous
  • patch

    this wouldnt be the case if people didnt abuse it… just for the sake of unlimited…

    when unlimted came out on 02 my old work colleges would set up downloads at work via there phones data connection and download movies all day every day ….


    • Anonymous

      How cane you abuse something that is unlimited? it’s just not possible.

      • Anonymous


  • weirdstuff

    There’s no point in any sim designed to go in a smartphone to have ‘truly’ unlimited downloads because anyone properly pushing the boundaries to be downloading every moment of every day are clearly not using the phone as in the way it is designed to be used. The networks should stop this silly war of words and drop the whole idea of unlimited as a catchy way of hooking customers; it just attracts people who take the piss and don’t use the device as a phone. A decent, huge wodge (say something like 15 gigs or something) with the option of topping up if needs be would cut all the nonsense and then the big networks would hopefully present the true actual deals rather than sweeping statements…