Update x2 – T-Mobile Full Monty Shocking Speed Cap

Breaking – Today (Saturday) at 1.30PM we received notification that T-Mobile provided the incorrect response to this tweet. More information is at the bottom of this story, however it seems that there isn’t a 1Mb/s cap. We will update you with more information as we get it…

We recently brought you the news from T-Mobile that they launched a brand new price plan called ‘The Full Monty’ which gives you 2000 Minutes, Unlimited Texts and Unlimited Internet for £36 a month or £41 a month to get unlimited minutes!.  The reason for this plan was to take on Three and their ‘One Plan’ and AYCE data.

However we have just found out and think it is VERY important to bring to people’s attention that T-Mobile have a speed cap in place on this plan which although they allow you to use for anything you like including tethering…. the speed you get capped is a painfully slow 1Mb/s!!!

T-Mobile unfortunately for them have a bad reputation for this practice as they used to cap at 3G speeds 0f 0.3Mb/s unless you have a higher package and their limited ‘Truly Unlimited’ offer a few months ago was capped at 2Mb/s which was the same as their Web’n’Walk Plus service they gave away with Android phones.

The problem with this is customers are NOT being told about this cap!.  So whilst you might be able to stream all you like or use VOIP calls, at 1mb/s there really is no point.

Something also to point out is that Three who also offer AYCE data and allow tethering on their One Plan do NOT have a speed cap.  This was tested in our AYCE Data Challenge last year and they have since rolled out HSPA+ giving even faster speeds.  In fact sitting here right now on a One Plan sim on a Galaxy Nexus or iPhone I am hitting a good 7-10Mb/s speeds.

Whilst we applaud T-Mobile and Everything Everywhere for stepping up to the mark and trying to compete with Three and their offer, this hidden speed cap cannot be justified in 2012 especially with the claim you are after ‘The best 3G network’.

Link –  T-Mobile UK Twitter

Update – Since this story broke we’ve had a message from T-Mobile UK and their Press Team to correct the tweet from their help team. Apparently there isn’t speed cap and customers will get the “best possible speeds”.

Update 2 (8pm) – Very interesting since this all kicked off late last night / earlier this morning.  A comment has now been put below with a YouTube video where someone clearly calls T-Mobile Sales and asks is the speed capped they wanted to know before they buy, after 4 minutes on hold the sales advisor comes back and says the speed will be between 1-2Mb/s as we reported.  What is strange is the different information going around, we originally heard yesterday that speed was capped at 1Mb/s, today we had information from the T-Mobile office stating there was NO cap but now we have a video where customers are being told of a speed between 1-2Mb/s…… the story continues..

It’s been 7 years since this article and 3 years since we last heard from t mobile here in the UK. If you’re still interested in this brand you can check out this t mobile review on 2018 from Dailywireless, looks like they’re doing better in the US.

Update x2   T Mobile Full Monty Shocking Speed Cap